I want to take the time out to tell you guys about my latest obsession, Made 4 Bae! It’s a very sexy and different lingerie/underwear line. In my opinion, it can be considered a loungewear line as well, because you can literally sit around with it under your robe, while eating ice cream and watching reruns of Love and Hip Hop. It includes cotton, metallic sheer, and velvet fabrics with its brand name on the elastic bands. Dope!


Along with the sexy ass thong sets (pictured), the brand offers boy short sets that come with a sports bra/ sleeveless crop top. The thong sets are my absolute favorites. Aren’t they cute and sexy enough to wear for bae?


With many options to choose from you are sure to find something to wear for yourself or for bae. The line it self was founded and is operated by two beautiful women (sisters) by the names of Alise and Gina Suggs. Both of these ladies are brilliant and this isn’t their first time dipping into the fashion industry. Previously owning a online fashion boutique, Chaotic Passion, and working with the house name brand God is Dope, they are all about their business.

Join me and many other Atlanta and surrounding city lingerie lovers Sunday, April 15th for Made 4 Bae‘s Sip and Showcase where you will be able to see the lingerie in person. You may even be able to meet the lovely ladies that started this amazing brand. Of course there will be drinks to sip on, a DJ to play some great tunes, and a condom bar. Yes, I said it, a condom bar. Safety first!

You will also be able to get a first hand look at Made 4 Bae’s new collection, pictured below.


Hope to see everyone there!

Come to

321 Nelson Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

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