It has been exactly a week since I got back from Dubai and I feel like I am finally ready to talk about my trip. Even though it has been a week I’m still getting the question, “how was your trip?” The answers have varied because I don’t really know how to answer the question.

So many things went on, that I never know where to begin. So for you all I will start at the beginning.  When I first arrived to the Hyatt Place Dubai/Al Rigga, I took a shower, threw on my BLUE AND WHITE STRIP SET, and decided to hit the city. My hotel was located in a community by the name of Deira, which wasn’t a touristy area and I loved that. I like to see how people really live in different parts of the world. Touristy areas just ruin it. On my own, walking around the city of Deira taking in the culture and the architecture , I stopped and got something to eat. Since I wanted to people watch, I politely asked if I could sit outside and enjoy my fish and rice.




I couldn’t have chosen a better time to go to Dubai, the weather was beautiful. While temperatures can average at 110 during the summer months, the highest temperature was 91 degrees during my stay. I have heard and read about how beautiful Dubai is but, I was in awe on Day 2 when we actually went to see some of the things I had read about. The man made islands and beach (Jemairah Beach) were a dream. Take me to a beach and the first thing I’m doing is taking my shoes off so I can feel the sand between my toes.





While on the trip we were able to make a stop in Abu Dhabi, which I highly recommend. Not far from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a bit more relaxed and it houses the UAE’s royalty. As you drive down the streets of Abu Dhabi you see mansions, palaces, and important government buildings. The city of Abu Dhabi also has the biggest mosque you will ever encounter. Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was one of the highlights of the trip, while each visitor is required to dress in traditional Muslim garments, it didn’t bother me one bit. I was just happy I was able to choose the color I wanted. One thing I keep telling people about the mosque visit is that, the night before we actually went, I could not sleep. I was like a kid on the night before the first day of school, so excited about wearing my beautiful hijab and abaya.



Honestly, the last few days were the best for me. During the Desert Safari tour, after the dune bashing, I started crying. This is always apart of the conversation when people ask about the trip, and then they ask “why?” I answer that question by explaining to them that the desert was one of the most beautiful sites I had ever seen. Even thought its not much out there, I was just in amazement at what God had created. I tell people God showed out while creating Dubai. The views from the highest sand dunes were breathtaking, very hard to put into words.




Aside from the Desert Safari tour, I also had the pleasure of going on a dinner cruise, which took us up and down the Dubai Creek. The Dhow Cruise is something anyone should do while visiting this amazing city-state . Seeing the lights, that light up the creek, hearing the music, and watching a Tanura dance show all while I consumed good food and beverages, was the ultimate experience. On my final day, some of the ladies and I went to Zero Gravity, and I’m very glad I decided to go. Zero Gravity is the critically acclaimed ‘best beach club in Dubai, and they may be right. On Saturdays, this beach club hosts their Ritual Pool and Beach Brunch, and the experience is totally worth it. The Ritual Pool and Beach Brunch was a great ending to the trip. The brunch includes all inclusive drinks, food, and beautiful views. The international DJ was another great part of this brunch, he had me doing the electric slide in the water. The DJ definitely made the party!


Ultimately, I went on the trip for 2 reasons. The first reason was because I turned 30 two days prior to my departure. This was my birthday gift to myself from myself.  The second reason is because I was in hope that I would find out what I’m going to do with my life. I wanted to do some real soul searching, find my purpose if you would say. Once we turn a certain age I think we start to align with this imaginary timeline, or reach a point that society has put on us. For example, some think they should be married with kids by now, or that they should have a house, or a certain amount in their bank account. Unfortunately, I didn’t come up with much, I figured out what industry I’m destined for, but I really wanted God to say to me, “you will serve me in this way, your purpose is…..”

Dubai is a place that I will revisit. It is also a place I recommend others visit. I have been out of the country before, but this was my first time going without my mommy (yes, I still call her mommy.) I would like to thank the ladies who made this trip a great one for me, my Travel Queens.


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