As you may be able to tell by some of my post, I love a vibrant colored cross-body bag. I recently landed home from a trip to Dubai, and this was the only handbag I brought with me. Aside from a black nylon Pop Culture fanny pack, the metallic pink cross body was the only accessory I brought along to hold all of my stuff. I always look for the convenience of things, and the this magnetic snap bag was nothing but convenient. Honestly, I felt like this was an impulse buy because I felt like I needed this bag right then. Now, I know that I really did need this bag. Even though it’s a bit dressy, I’ve worn it with many different looks.
Above I am pictured in a casual look, something I would wear just on a regular day.  The look below could be considered a work ( but I’m on my break so don’t bother me) look, and the third look is giving me a dinner or a date night type of vibe.
Let me just be honest, metallic bags are great for anytime of the year, but this pink metallic bag looks better in the spring. Maybe I say metallic bags are for spring because of the way the sun hits them and makes them sparkle! This bag was originally bought to wear with a vintage sequin dress to see Madam Butterfly back in 2014, at the Atlanta Opera. You all know I keep things for a long time, and get my use out if pieces.
Photo Credit: Iri Brown
Like I have mentioned before, I’m all about investing in my closet and this accessory piece was the ultimate investment.
Aside from the color, this crossbody bag is pretty awesome. It’s light weight and has three inside pockets, the large flap is also a plus for me. The biggest plus for me concerning this bag is it can be worn with a casual, dressy, or formal look. I love the versatility.
Photo Credit: Scotty Dixwell


This Nine West metallic crossbody bag was purchased from Macy’s, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anymore than $40. Since I have had it for so long I’m sure it is no longer available but I found some substitutes. Check them out below.



look a like 4 look a like 3look a like 5    look a like 2






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