All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

I read on that “Stripes are equivalent to what white t-shirts used to be back in the day,”…….”They have nine lives.” I believe this with every stylish being in me. The article I’m referring to was written in December of last year, and not to my surprise I have not stopped seeing stripes yet. Whether its a pair of striped pants or a striped blazer, I have been seeing the trend in retail shops and on fashion websites. Just like the pros at the major retailers stated, stripes are one of those trends that will continue to be relevant. Read the article mentioned above in full here. Even though the fall season has brought about a bolder and more colorful take on stripes, its always cool to keep it classic.

After seeing this fashionable classic on my news feed, I decided to bring it out and play with it a bit. While the top that I’m wearing above has always been a favorite, I only wear it to work. For this shoot, I decided to mix it with some pieces that I haven’t before. This top and the pants were bought during my college days, from a thrift store. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a big thrifter. I love the thrill of the unknown with thrifting, you never know what you will find. Most of the time I luck up and find a piece that I will keep forever, while only paying about $10 for it.

Above, I am pictured downtown Atlanta on a parking deck roof top. I love that my photographer chose this location, because with this outfit I feel like I was getting some fresh air on my lunch break. This is definitely something I would wear to a networking event, professional mixer, or my 9 to 5. As mentioned above, this look was thrifted except for the pink metallic bag and the Anaconda pumps, made by Jessica Simpson. The JS pumps were purchased from Belk about 4 years back. I keep shoes for a long time, I like to call myself a ‘sole collector.’ When it comes to investing in my wardrobe, shoes have always been the most essential investment to me. I invest in shoes mainly because many shoes are timeless, and the style of  certain shoes never really goes out of style.

 Every girl should have a pair of reptile skin pumps in her closet, at least one pair!

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