The above photos were taken by BrainBangg for Gray Style Write


The funny thing about this outfit is I never wear these pieces together, I usually wear the skirt with a white t-shirt and some shoes appropriate for the season. For this blog shoot, I decided to put the pieces together, hoping to find some great backgrounds to make them stand out. As you can see in the photos above, BrainBangg and I were able to find some great backgrounds to make this outfit really pop. I’m such a fan of metallic pieces that they run deep in my wardrobe.
The sweatshirt called the Diamond Girl Sweatshirt, was purchased from, an online boutique owned by celebrity fashion stylist Olori Swank. I’m a huge bargain shopper, so I bought this top during a half off sale, in September of this year. Crop tops have become a part of my yearly wardrobe, for more reasons than one. The color grey has also been a reoccurring staple in my closet as well.
The metallic skirt is a part of the Double Platinum Set, also purchased from I actually purchased the skirt at a pop-up shop Olori hosted here some time ago. I’m a funny shopper. I will watch a piece for months waiting for it to go on some type of sale, and that’s exactly what I did with this set. I was then able to snag this set for a lesser price. The down-side to this set was the top, I knew first-hand that I would not be able to fit it, so I passed that on to a friend with a smaller bust. This skirt fits me so well that it is now one of my favorites, it hugs my small frame so well.

Metallic has been my go-to for a long time, and I plan to add more to my wardrobe this fall. Of course metallic pieces pop during spring and summer, but are also a necessity for fall fashion. Check out my post on how to wear metallic pieces here.

The sweatshirt is no longer offered on the stylist’s online boutique but I found a great option for the fall. It a cropped grey hoodie, which will equally compliment a metallic skirt. The brand Out From Under has a chic cropped hoodie sweatshirt available at Urban Outfitters that would serve its many purposes this season. Everyone loves an amazing and comfortable hoodie.  Unfortunately, the skirt is no longer available at either but I found an awesome one with a snake print detail, to add some more flavor, at The Pencil Skirt in Metallic Snake Print would be a great option for the fall, animal print have always and will always be in. The added plus about this skirt is that its on sale for only $17, heck I may go ahead and order it.


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