The above photos were taken by Scotty Dixwell for Gray Style Write


Let me start by saying that this whole outfit is thrifted. Yes, you heard me, I bought this set a thrift store in Montgomery during my college days. Back then, I didn’t realize the power in this set. After I purchased this set, I would never actually wear it as a set. I would say to myself “I hate when things match.” Which was the truth and still is, I have never been the person to match prints and colors exactly, it always seemed to predictable. I would pair the shirt with these red skinny jeans I bought from Forever 21, which to me was perfect contrast of print and solid. I would then, pair the pants with a pink screen tee that read, “Fashion is not a luxury,” in dark gray. Those were the only ways I would wear this set, which didn’t show the essence of the set, as a set.

It wasn’t until my good friend decided to move to Miami and had a going away dinner at Applebee’s, that I actually wore it as a set. After that day I knew that my thrifted set would do more damage together. Aside from wearing this set to a dinner, I have also worn it for networking events paired with an amazing pair of suede brown wedges, I scored from Urban Outfitters. This set has come through when I just wanted to throw something on for the day. For instance, a few Fridays ago, my mom, brother, niece, and I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s and I paired it with my pink head wrap, to give it a different look. I have also worn this set on a day out shopping in Little 5 Points. So when I say this set has come through, I really mean it. It has been my go-to every since I decided to wear it as an actual set. With all that being said, always keep an open mind when thrifting, you never know what may come out of a trip to your local Goodwill.


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