The above photos are courtesy of Scotty Dixwell

So we all remember the beautiful picture of Sade, taken in 1984, in the denim on denim ensemble. That very picture has been spiking inspiration in a lot of us ever since, from just wearing it on the go to wearing it to a look-a-like party. The denim on denim look has been a classic, and is now being seen everywhere. I wonder what kind of shoes she paired that simple, yet fashion-forward look. Most of the time when I wear my denim on denim look, I include this shirt with a darker denim bottom, like the Joe’s Jeans I wore in A BOLD LIP + A CROP TOP ALL SUMMER LONG. Aside from the darker jeans, I have also paired this denim top with a crisp white pair of overalls I scored from Forever 21, in Miami. Someone remind me to make a post on that look later.

Now keep in mind that this is not actually a denim shirt, its a chambray shirt. After a few google searches, I found out that there is  really no such thing as a denim shirt. There are denim jackets and denim pants but not shirts. While reading on the difference between Denim and Chambray shirts, the difference lies within the weave pattern of the fabric, and a few other fabrication details. Honestly, speaking I always have called them denim shirts, and I don’t plan on stopping, I have never considered myself the politically correct type.  These shirts are so trendy and essential, you can find them almost anywhere.

The cool ass blazer I’m wear was purchased from Zara about a year ago. You may consider it a boyfriend blazer because its longer than the usual, but I love it. Its one of those essential items that you need in your closet. I consider this item to be trendy, yet classic because to me, it will never go out of style. I like the thin collar up, I never lay it down. It can be dressed up or down, and the double lapels adds a certain flair.

Lets get into these comfortable, super stylish high rise black jeans. When I say, I love these jeans, I love them. When Paige made these, she had woman who live for stylish denim, and love comfort in mind. This exact same pair of Paige Jeans were a staple during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. During the sale, they were either $99 or $130, and now they retail for $199. Everyone knows that I love a high rise pair of jeans, but these are different because they have an undone hem. Usually I don’t go for super trendy pieces, but they were too comfortable to pass up, I could literally sleep in these jeans.

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