The above photos were taken by Scotty Dixwell for Gray Style Write

It’s no secret that I love color! I also like to mix and match colors and textures. When it comes to putting outfits together, I always consider where I’m going and what I will be doing when I get to my destination. Another thing I consider, is the actual journey I will have to take to get there. All of these things are determinants of what I will be wearing and how I will be putting the items together. No matter where I’m going or my journey there, my ensemble will include bright and bold colors, it’s just in me. Aside from a pop of color or full on color mixing, I love things that shine! Metallic pieces are another trendy, yet classic fashion need. Whether your metallic piece is a handbag, pair of shoes or skirt, you need metallic in your closet!

Metallics are great during the summer  because when the sun hits whatever piece you are wearing, you definitely see the glow. You and your piece will shine bright like a diamond. To me, the gleaming trend brightens your mood, shinny is always better . On the other hand, wearing a metallic piece during the fall and winter months will make it a statement piece. It will be the piece that will pull everything together, it will be the piece that will grab everyone’s attention. It’s probably the shiny feature that makes everyone stare. Usually most of us just see gold and silver metallic pieces, but the bold colors like pink, purple, and blues are the most fun to play with. Be careful when buying the colorful metallic pieces, some tend to look cheap and will just mess up the whole outfit.

When it comes to style I’m bold, but I’m not crazy so I have stipulations on how I pair things with metallic pieces. Pictured above, I’m wearing the metallic silver oxfords with a simple printed pair of pants and matching top, paired with a metallic hot pink crossbody bag. This is as bold as I will get with 2 metallic pieces. With the hot pink being the pop of color, the silver shoes weren’t a big deal, because it’s a neutral metallic paired with a bold metallic. The shoes, I’m sure you can tell I have had for a minute. The first time I went to visit my best when she was living in Cali, we went to a Nordstrom Rack, that was in 2012. I paid exactly $1 for these abound  brand metallic oxfords, the metallic coming off isn’t really a problem for me. I wear them anyway! The bronze skirt was bought from Forever 21, check out Part 1 of the TRENDY, YET CLASSIC series, PLEATS + PUMAS here.


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