The above photos were taken by Scotty Dixwell for Gray Style Write


Being the type of person I am, I keep stuff for a long time. Whether its clothing, shoes, or old Juicy Couture charm bracelets. I guess that’s why when I hear that bloggers go into departments stores and or trendy stores they buy stuff wear it for a post and then return it. During my day job I deal with this constantly but I didn’t know bloggers did it. I love clothing, whether its marked down designer or just a brand that’s on the shelf. I always have an open mind when buying things. I look at classic items as an investment. That’s why I decided to do this “Trendy, Yet Classic” series. I have a closet full of classic pieces. For example, the pieces I’m wearing above with the exception of the shoes are all 5 or more years old. When I say I keep things, I really mean it.

For some odd reason, I decided to pair a sweatshirt dress with a pleated skirt. This hot pink dress was purchased from Express about 7 or 8 years ago, I purchased it during my college days when I was stuck in Montgomery with nowhere to really shop. Express and The Gap were always my saving graces. Even though both stores are owned by the same company, they always came through. I love a bold color and material with an unexpected material or piece. Who would really wear a sweatshirt with a pleated skirt, and Puma’s?

The skirt, on the other hand, was purchased from Forever 21 about 5 years ago when I first moved back to Georgia. I’m not too sure what my purpose was for going to Stonecrest Mall that night but, I went and saw this skirt and I snagged it. Skirts like this exact one are on mannequins in department stores all over the city and probably beyond. The pleated skirt is popping, again. What’s crazy is, I have not stopped wearing this skirt. To me it has always been in style, but we see pieces go in and out of style all the time. The pleated skirt is trendy but it will always be a classic.

This ensemble is one of my casual ones, because every time I wear this exact outfit I pair it with flats or tennis shoes. These low top yellow/green Puma’s were an added color plus. I love color, and I love taking risk.  Adding these Puma’s could of been a hit or miss but everything was a perfect match. Color is always a plus. There is a story behind these Pumas, bought in Miami at a Ross, but that’s a whole other blog post!

For those who will ask later, my lip shade is Morange by MAC Cosmetics, and lip liner by the brand in Cherry. I discovered how great of a duo these were in Montgomery years ago. One of the finest make-up artist/stylist in Montgomery suggested it, and it has been one of my staples every since.




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