The above photos are courtesy of Scotty for Gray Style Write

Honestly, I uploaded these pictures and came up with a title two weeks ago but I didn’t write the post. I’m thinking I didn’t feel inspired enough to write the post because I wasn’t feeling the title. Today, during my lunch break I thought of an idea to change the title to what it is now. In most post about what people are wearing the title reads, “How to wear, so and so” that’s not what I want to do. I just want to share with you how I wear my high rise flared denim jeans. So here goes…

Its no secret that I love a nice pair of high-rise anything. In the past, I have shared how I wear high-rise shorts, skirts, and jeans, but mostly skinny jeans. Skinny jeans have been in heavy rotation for me every since I got back into the habit of actually purchasing denim. At heart, I am a flare and bootcut type of girl, so when I found these Current/Elliot high-rise flare jeans in Nordstrom Rack I grabbed them immediately. These jeans are the perfect wash for the rest of the summer and they have a style of their own. Seeing a high-rise flared jean is very unexpected, since skinny and and the funky hemmed jeans have taken over. Aside from Current/Elliot being a great and trusted brand, these jeans are 98% cotton. The exact way I prefer my denim.

I always choose to wear a shirt I can tuck in or a crop top with my high-rise bottoms. For obvious reasons, or maybe not too obvious. The point of high-rise bottoms, for me, is to show my slim, yet, curvy figure. So I always go with a cute girly top to wear with these flares. The great thing about this Gap top (pictured above) is that, it’s actually a t-shirt dress. I love the feminine feel this shirt dress has, the ruffles are the perfect finishing touch!

The shoes I’m wearing have been all over my blog for the past year or so! The Jeffrey Campbell Pauline’s are one of the best pair of platforms I have purchased, to date! Skyscraper high, comfortable, and stylish, they basically go with everything. If I’m not on my 70’s vibe and wearing platforms with these flares, I pair them with my favorite boots.

So when it comes to high-rise bottoms, pair them with a shorter top or tuck the top in to show off that beautiful shape. Whether you’re a size 2 or 12, show it off and love it!


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