Artwork courtesy of Sheena

Tears in her eyes,

She told me

I’m too beautiful for this,

Yes, you are miss,

But remember

God put you here for this,

Now the outcome

Isn’t what you wanted,

You could’ve got dumped

By your finance or boyfriend,

Or lost a love one where as if

It was a puppy or person,

Lost your job, now you’re stressing,

Because you don’t deserve this,

I don’t know

But what I do know,

Is that you’re a beautiful person

And hurt, pain, this emotional stage,

Is only for the moment,

I’m a better leader than a follower,

Your black lipstick

Your red fingernails

The way u polished them,

IS the same way your going

To polish this life of yours up,

Take the old off

And put the new on,

You’re a beautiful queen

I saw the moon, the stars

The galaxies when you looked

At me, and told me,

Crying with tears

In your eyes,

I’m too beautiful for this.





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