The above photos are courtesy of Scotty Dixwell for Gray Style Write


Let me tell yall, this shirt and I go way back. I swear I have had it for 10 years! This white ruffled collarless button-up is one of my go-to basics. The thing I love about basics, is that they last you a lifetime if you take care of them. The other thing I love about basics is that they can be paired with almost anything, which creates different looks. I wear this with jeans, skirts, and under jumpsuits that may be too revealing at the top half. I have a secret about this shirt that will be revealed in my next post. So I bought the shirt in my college days, from The Gap. The Gap was a store that I would frequent because I had to dress business casual on most days and full out business attire on other days. The Gap would have everything I needed when it came to dressing up for class, and the slacks fit me perfectly. I used to rock this top with a colorful pair of slacks on a Tuesday and then pair it with my dark gray suit the next Thursday. It was definitely in heavy rotation then, and I keep it in rotation now as well. Being that the shirt is so old, I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was probably on sale, because I was frugal back then too!

The skirt above is one of my favorite S.GARVEY COLLECTIVE skirts, and I have at least 4 or 5. Anyway, Sam made me this Floral swing skirt in 2014, for my trip to Brazil. Along with wearing it in South America, I literally wear this look everywhere.  I have worn it to the club, brunch, concerts, and on a first date. The skirt is great for spring and summer, since it is so lightweight and flouncy. Since I’m not really a seasonal dresser, I will wear this skirt just about anytime of the year! For the shoot I decided to wear the denim jacket, to add a little edge to the ensemble. This Topshop Moto denim jacket was purchased from Nordstrom at Perimeter. I had been looking for the perfect jacket and I found it on sale for about $40. I wanted it to be oversized, in a light wash, and very inexpensive. For those of you who wear a lot of Topshop,or are familiar with the brand you know how expensive they can be, so this buy was a steal!

Where would you wear it?

Oh, and the amazing houndstooth brouch on my denim jacket, is from the S.GARVEY COLLECTIVE ‘Arm Candy‘ line.

Don’t forget to check out the Atlanta Indie Market on July 22nd, I will be there selling some of the S.GARVEY COLLECTIVE pieces you have seen on the blog.




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