All above photos were taken by Samantha Garvey for Gray Style Write

Singing, “If I ruled the world, image that

I’d free all my sons, I love ’em, love ’em, baby

Black diamonds and pearls

Could it be? If you could be mine, we’d both shine

If  I ruled the world

Still living for today in these last days and times”

When I look at these photos, I instantly think about that amazing song, by Nas featuring the Queen Lauryn Hill. I don’t wish to actually rule the world, but I do want to make my mark in it. Not leaving a trace in the world is something I think about most of the time, feeling that I’m not doing enough. Then, I think about my growth and the things I have achieved thus far and remind myself that I’m just getting started.

So as most of you know I love a crop top, paired with a high-waisted bottom. Most women wear high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts with the purpose of hiding their stomach or tucking it in to slim and flatten their front area. I simply wear them because I think I look damn good in them. In the photos above I am wearing one of my favorite S.GARVEY tops, which has been featured in a previous blog post, titled FAUX LEATHER CROP TOP + WHITE TIGHTS.

Now on to these jeans! The high-waisted skinny jeans I have on are from one of my favorite premium denim brands, aside from 7 for All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans. Since, I have a smaller frame, I like my jeans to have a higher percentage of cotton in the fabrication. I prefer my denim to be 70% cotton or higher, because they feel more a denim instead of jeggings. This particular pair of Joe’s come from the Flawless collection, and the style is called the Charlie. These jeans fit me perfectly, they are not too tight or stretchy and the real pockets (too many jeans being made with faux pockets these days) give the illusion that I have a little bit more weight on me in the hip and butt area. Now Joe’s Jeans are a premium brand and they start at about $189, but being the bargain shopper I am, I got them on sale for about $89.

Even though I have been blogging for a while and have taken so many photos, I noticed that every shoot I have, my lip color is very mild. Which is weird because on a normal day, my lip color choices are bright and bold. The shade I’m wearing in the photos above has become one of my staple colors, I keep it in my purse right along with Rebel and Cyber. I wear it anywhere and at anytime. This blueish-purple shade is made by MAC Cosmetics and is named, Matte Royal and has a matte finish. Most of the time I  wear the shade alone, but if I want to give it a different look, I  pair it with MAC’s lip liner, Current.  If you’re not afraid of a bold color, I suggest you try this shade out.



    1. Thank you! I plan on ordering from your store soon!

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