All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

If you have been following the blog for a while than you may recognize these photos. The above photos were taken about a year or two ago, these photos also made my blog a success among other things. When I started my blog in 2015, I was so excited and made sure I learned everything I could about blogging. I watched videos hosted by some of the best bloggers/influences and I did research on the latest formatting trends. I was working on it almost everyday, and then I just completely stopped.  Below I will give you the 3 ways I increased my readership after taking a way-to-long break.

First, and foremost it is always important to stay consistent. That is one of the things I learned very soon, because as soon as I slacked up I saw a change in my stats. It didn’t bother me as much, until I started to see the numbers drop to zero. I mean what did I expect, I was getting exactly what I putting into it, which was nothing. I started to post on my blog at least every 3 days, and made sure I referenced Gray Style Write everyday on all of my social media platforms. Aside from the posting, I made a deal with my photographer to shoot with her every month and pay a set price, that we both could agree on. Blog shoots can be a little costly, so I recommend finding an awesome photographer who is willing to work with your budget. I consistently had blog shoots, which made it easier for me to publish a post every 3 days.

We all know social media is key to getting your brand noticed and increasing your blog traffic. The second way I increased my readership is something I like to call being “hashtag obsessed,” and that is definitely me.  So I define hashtag obsessed as including almost every hashtag you can thing of in a post. For example, if you’re a fashion/style blogger, not only will you include fashion as a hashtag but you will dig a little deeper, by doing some IG and Google Analytics research and find out what is trending. A little research can go a long way and help you find out what people are talking about and the main needs of your audience. While being “hashtag obsessed” you have to keep in mind exactly what audience you are trying to reach. Being “hashtag obsessed” landed me and my brand some pretty cool features, which also increased my readership.

 Lastly, to increase my readership I continued to step out of my comfort zone. Me stepping out of my comfort zone may be totally different from you stepping out of your comfort zone. After starting Gray Style Write, I started going to more events, i.e. the post I did on What to Wear to Artlanta Gallery. Along with going to more events, I began to talk about my blog. Before, I didn’t talk about it as much because I felt others would think I was bragging about myself or the things I was doing. I later figured out that it was nothing wrong with tutting my own horn, and nobody would be able to explain the reasonings behind this blog better than myself. When I submitted pictures and a paragraph explaining my style to Fashion Bomb Daily, I again stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m the type of person that doesn’t  want to give people the chance to have anything to say about me, so I was skeptical at first about submitting pictures. Since I knew thousands of fashion lovers would see my outfits and reasons why I dress the way I do, I didn’t want to leave any room for negative feedback. After sleeping on it, I decided to submit the pictures above, and a paragraph explaining my style to Fashion Bomb Daily, and was named Fashion Bombshell of the Day on March 11, 2016. Check it out here!

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