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All above photos were taken by Scotty for Gray Style Write

This the absolutely last New Orleans post, I promise. Frenchmen Street was where we ended up on our last night in the city. Frenchmen Street was also the livest part of the city. After walking down Decatur Street for what seemed like forever, we finally made it to our unknown destination. Even though the walk to Frenchmen street was quite eventful, nothing beats the street itself. It was all types of bands playing, a club with its speakers outside (so those of us passing by could stop and jig a little), and crowds of people dancing, eating and drinking . The whole scene looked like something you would see in the movies. It seemed as if people were really enjoying themselves without a care. That whole night we ran into so many interesting people, some in their regular wear and others in a costume. Of course, my free spirited ladies and gentlemen were on the scene with barely any clothes, maybe just a grass skirt or beads lopped around enough times to cover their genitals.

Now to some this may not be much, but I will say this again, I’m never really this exposed. The cheeky shorts above were purchased from Urban Outfitters last April. It took me almost a year to actually wear my BDG High-Rise Cheeky Shorts, mainly because I was worried about the wrong things. What people would think….blah blah blah! Obviously all of that went out the window, because I woke up that morning and put them right on. While walking the streets of New Orleans with my cheeks out, I felt self-conscience at first but after noticing that I was the only person uneasy about it, I let it go. I was there to have fun and let loose a little. I also had to remember, that I have a very nice set of legs on me, they should get some shine too!

There was a problem, though, while I was packing for the trip I just threw the shorts in the bag not really planning to wear them. The plaid shirt you see me wearing above in the photos, belongs to the photographer, Scotty. After putting on my under shirt, the shorts and my favorite boots, I thought out loud and said “I need a plaid shirt.” As I was a bout to say “lets go to Urban on N. Peters Street,” Scotty said ” you can wear mine.”  I threw on Scotty’s plaid shirt and called it a day. The outfit was a definite winner in my book. As the night went on, it got a little chilly, and I had to put on my vintage cropped leather jacket. Given to me by a friend in college, which was given to her by her mother, this leather jacket has been with me through thick and thin.

If your wondering what to wear when wanting to let loose and just enjoy yourself, consider a pair of high-rise cheeky shorts this spring and summer.

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