All above photos were taken by Scotty for Gray Style Write

I know some of you are probably wondering who this guy is in these last few post. G-blakk (or Blakk) is his name and he is my big brother, he is also the Senior Vice President of 7 Solider Entertainment Group. Along with the amazing Scotty, the man behind the camera, G-blakk and I decided to experience Mardi Gras for the first time last month. Some of you may also be asking yourselves, why both of us are wearing green.  I will explain a little bit. Before we drove to New Orleans, we planned to go to Saint Heron’s “You’ve Got to Be Seen, Green” party. We purchased tickets, and went shopping for the party the day before we hit the road. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the actual party after driving to Mississippi and getting all dressed up. It was totally my fault. Even though we missed the party, we lucked up on some cool green finds. Now it’s time to get into what we would have worn to the “You’ve Got To Be Seen, Green” party.

We started our hunt for G-blakk’s outfit first.  After going to a Dillard’s, Belk, and 2 Macy’s, we finally lucked up and found a satisfying shade of green Levi’s. Luckily, the Macy’s at Perimeter Mall had exactly what he needed. To be specific, he is wearing the Levi’s 502 Tapered Jeans in Green Slate. The hardest part was over because we knew it would be easy to find a shirt close to the shade of the Levi’s. The shirt he decided to go with was purchased from Urban Outfitters. When Blakk first found the shirt I caught him trying to see if it was an exact green match to the jeans, after that I had to give him the speech I give my clients. The hues of an outfit does not have to always match, in fact I think it  looks better when different hues of the same colors are put together. Most of the time it just looks like you tried too hard, if the hues match up to the tee. He took my advice and went along with the UO Stevens Cross-Dye Button- Down Shirt, which completed his  green party look, perfectly. Since Blakk is a fashion conscience (but not really) guy from the south, he finished the look off with classic black Air Force 1’s.

You know when you’re going to a certain party and certain people will be in attendance, you want to be dressed a certain way? Well that’s me, most of the time. I would have rather found something super funky from a thrift store, and been stunting at the party, knowing that Solange and like-minded people were going to be in attendance. No shade thrown toward Urban Outfitters, because when I need something specific and time doesn’t permit for me to thrift, Urban always comes through. It was no different this time around, with only one day left until the party, I searched the website one more time, and found this green satin jumpsuit. Being a fan of shinny things, I jumped up and went to Urban Outfitters, showed the clerk the screenshot of the jumpsuit online and asked, “do you all have this?” She pointed me straight to the jumpsuit and my face lit up from excitement. Since it was a little windy in New Orleans, I decided to throw on my ‘Clean Slate Sweater’ that I purchased in September of 2015 ( I also wore it in previous blog post, CAMEL OVERCOAT + PINK NIKE BLAZER). To seal the deal on this green look, I keep the shiny theme going and paired the BDG Piper Satin Surplus with the Puma Basket Metallic Platform Sneaker. The sneakers were also purchased from Urban Outfitters.

So if you’re ever in New Orleans, and have the chance of going to a Saint Heron event, here  are some looks to think about!



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