All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

Happy Tuesday, loves! Today is a new start, take this day to another level whether it’s within your career, relationships, or your craft. Give everything your best and own it. April is here, and I am looking forward to many beautiful days and opportunities in Atlanta. My March  was very fulfilling and productive, I’m hoping yours was as well!

I love thrifting, and this dress is one of the reasons why. The dress I’m pictured in above was bought from a thrift store in Alabama about 5 years ago. Aside from the multi-colored purse I blogged about a couple of post ago, this dress is by far my favorite thrift purchase. This long olive green polka dot dress is exactly what I would wear on a  nice spring day, dedicated to exploring the city.

 The first time I wore this dress was for my best friend’s graduation from grad school.  That time around, I wore the dress with my Jeffrey Campbell Pauline’s.  This time I decided to go with a more casual look, pairing it with my favorite boots.I’m not sure what makes this dress better, the cut and fit, or the color!

The head wrap was the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. Since the dress is bright, and the bag is a surprising pop of pink, I decided to pair it with something else bright and spring like. The summer scarf, turned head wrap will definitely be on repeat with various looks this spring and summer.

I believe in making the best out of every purchase and using it for different purposes. 

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