All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

The month of March has always been an extraordinary one for me, one reason being that it’s my birthday month, and a host of my friends and family have birthdays this month as well. March 2016 is extra special for me because March 10th marked my 6th month blogiversary, and I was featured as Fashion Bomb Daily’s, ‘Fashion Bombshell of the Day’ on March 11th. To some it may not be much, but for me it’s a big deal. To celebrate the 6 months since Gray Style Write launched, I decided to give all of my subscribers  pin-back buttons, one with Gray Style Write written across it, and the other with the brand visual on it.

 If you haven’t noticed by now, I do all of my outfit detail posts in 3’s, every shoot I have with Bangg, we shoot 3 outfits. The blog shoot we had a couple of days ago was nothing short of amazing. It was shot downtown near Georgia State University in beautiful 70 degree weather (thank God).  Within this series, you will notice repeated accessories, my summer scarf worn as a headwrap, and my favorite sunglasses. As I stated in a previous post, I’m not too big on accessories, but I am aiming to switch things up a bit, and fine tune all of my looks with girly, yet funky additions.
The scarf was bought from TJ Maxx, before I took a trip to L.A. in October of 2013. This summer scarf comes in handy as you can see above, it serves many purposes. After seeing the photos from my latest blog shoot, I will definitely be investing in actual headwraps this spring. The sunglasses were actually purchased from a beauty supply store for my first blog shoot. I usually don’t frequent beauty supply stores, but I wanted a wig for that particular shoot and I came across these awesome ass sunglasses, which I think fit my face, style, and personality perfectly.
Stay tuned for the details on what I’m wearing in the photos above!

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