All above photos are courtesy of Bad Bad Kitti‘s Instagram

When you see a piece or anything that speaks to you in ways that nothing else has, it’s a must that you meet the one responsible for it. That was my exact feeling when I saw the Spottieottiedopalicious Angel that Bad Bad Kitti painted, which made its debut at Artlanta Gallery. After doing this interview with her, I soon learned that Tameika “BadBadKitti” Welch, is a woman of few words, but plenty of action. Time didn’t permit us to get deep into things about what Bad Bad Kitti has in store, or how she got started doing the amazing pieces she does, but we got exactly what was needed. I would like for you to get to know, Bad Bad Kitti!

GSW: I first got a taste of Bad Bad Kitti at the Artista Exhibition at Artlanta Gallery. How was that showing different from all the others?
BBK: Well, the only thing different was the venue, it was actually my second all girl artshow.

GSW: How did you prepare yourself for that show?
BBK: Lucky for me, I was already prepared. I had been working on my piece for a couple of months, but the timing was right.

GSW: I actually attended the Artista Exhibition, and as soon as I saw the Spottieottiedopalicious Angel, I literally stood there and stared at the piece for 10 minutes. I know you were inspired by Outkast, what else inspired you to create such a beautiful piece?
BBK: Atlanta, I’ve been here since 2001 and I figured what better way to represent Atlanta than paying homage to Outkast.

GSW: How was your first art show feature of 2016, Mad Expressions Showcase? I’m mad I missed it, it came up faster than I thought it would.
BBK: Awesome! I got to be in the presence of a lot of talented people, and the energy was dope.

GSW: So, the Atlanta Renaissance Art Show just ended, what was your inspiration for that particular showing?
BBK: Durga…

GSW: What’s 2016 looking like for you?
BBK: Expect to see a very busy Kitti. I want to do another solo show and maybe curate an art show this year as well.

GSW: Can we expect a solo art show from you any time soon?
BBK: Yes, I haven’t set a date yet, but I definitely feel it is time for part 2.

GSW: What do you think about the Art Culture in Atlanta? Do you feel as if you are a big part of it?
BBK: I wouldn’t say I’m a big part, I’m no Miya Bailey or Paper Frank lol, but I am getting more exposure and people recognize me & my art.

GSW: How long have you been doing art?
BBK: All my life. I went to college for computer animation and graphic design. Did art shows all throughout my middle & high school years.

GSW: Artistically, what else are you interested in?
BBK: I have some things up my sleeve, but I want to surprise everyone and just do it!

GSW: Have you explored those avenues?
BBK: I have, but this year you’ll get to see more of it.

GSW: Your work is really feminine (which is why I fell in love with the Angel), many of the art works I have seen of yours includes women, naked or clothed? Other than you being a woman, why do you include women or femininity in your artwork?
BBK: I’m a feminist & I believe that the body is beautiful, no one exists without a woman she is powerful in a gentle way.

GSW: I read up on you a bit, and I found out that you went to school for animation and then graphic design. Are you still designing graphics, or are you a full-fledged painter?
BBK: I still design, but I’m still really active with pursuing my art.

GSW: Do you have any advice for struggling and upcoming artists?
BBK: If it makes your eyes light up when you think about it, never give up! People may not understand, but who cares do it for yourself.

GSW: When I contacted you about doing this interview, I mentioned that I wanted to reenact the painting of the Angel. Then I saw that you were live body painting in the Love Below Showcase, in August of last year. I was serious about that. Is that something we can make happen? I’m talking getting the wig, pubic hair dyed and everything.
BBK: Hell yes! And, I know just the photographer!

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