All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

This whole outfit was thrifted. Even though this look is a bit casual, it was one of my favorites from the shoot. I started thrifting when I was in college.  I had just quit one of my jobs and actually started taking my major classes. I was enrolled in the College of Business Administration, and this college required its students to be in business professional and business casual clothing on certain days. Without a lucrative job, I had to get my business attire from somewhere, so I started hitting the Goodwill’s, local thrift shops, and churches that sold clothing for little or nothing. I’m now thankful that my particular college required this because I have a new appreciation for gently used clothing.

Buying gently used clothing  can be a wonderful thing, mainly because you are able to showcase your style on a budget. The clothing items above where reasonably priced: Cinema Prime Trench Coat was $7.95, Russel Authentic ‘Georgia Bulldogs’ sweatshirt was $5.75, and the Calvin Klein Jeans was $7.47. I call this look my going to brunch look, because I would actually wear this outfit on a Saturday morning to meet my best friend for brunch. If you haven’t learned to thrift, or maximize your closet, check out my blogger best friend (in my head) NeShante Davis’s blog, Style is She. I’m not going to say I have learned everything from her, but I have learned quite a bit from her post and videos. I love comfort and ladylike pieces mixed with rugged pieces. This trench coat gives me a grown woman feel, while the sweatshirt and jeans (cut into shorts) gives me pure comfort. This is definitely Gray Style.


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