All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

So, last week I published a post including my top outerwear picks for the season featuring the overcoat above. First off, let me start by saying, I love this overcoat for two reasons. The first being I’m always cold and had been looking for a coat at a reasonable price that would cover my bum and legs. The second reason being it’s camel colored, and you can never go wrong with a camel colored coat. Last month, I went to a thrift shop and found this beautiful coat and paid little to nothing. Little to nothing is really $9.95. Yes, you read correctly, I paid $10 for this Jones New York Double-Breasted Long Wool-Blend Coat. While doing my research on what a coat of this statue goes for, I found out that this specific type of coat will run you about $460! Can you say STEAL!

Under the coat, I am wearing a sweater I purchased from last September. This sweater, along with the Diamond Girl Sweatshirt I wore in a previous post was purchased at the same time, during a 50% sale the boutique was hosting. Honestly, the Clean Slate Sweater is one of my go to sweaters, mainly because it’s cute and white, which for me, means it can be worn with just about anything I want to pair it with. A white sweatshirt, or sweater is a staple for anyone’s closet during cool temperatures. It’s easy to throw on and style, giving you multiple options.

The skinnies I am wearing are made by YMI Jeans, a brand I had never heard of until I walked into Belk the night before the shoot. I wanted a colored pair of pants that would look amazing with camel and pink, burgundy or cajun (the color on the sales tag) was the perfect color to set this ensemble off. The YMI Jeans Wannabettabutt Corduroy Skinny pant was on sale for half off its original price, so I had to grab them. In my opinion, my butt is just fine, I just needed the pants to complete the look. The corduroy finish didn’t hurt either, I love a sick pair of corduroy pants.

Now, on my feet are the Nike Blazer Mid Premium Vintage in prism pink, sail, and sand dune. As mush as I love a nice ass pair of platforms, or heeled strappy sandals, I am a sneaker girl at heart, and I have been since I can remember. I aim to buy a pair of sneakers at least once a year, and in most cases a nice pair of Nike’s will cost me at least $89 (I have big feet). These pair of Nike’s didn’t cost me much though. I won a gift card from work and went on the site to see what I could get for a reasonable price, and I had been wanting a pair of blazers for some time. Long story short, these pink babies were originally priced at $100, and I caught them on sale for $64. These vintage blazers were meant for me and my big feet, and I love them with this look.

This whole look is definitely Gray Style!


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  2. I love your Gray styles look. The natural hair,the camel color overcoat. You sure do have a unique style and you bring life to some dope pictures keep doing your thing darling.


  3. I love your Gray styles look. The natural hair,the camel color overcoat. You sure do have a unique style and you bring life to some dope pictures keep doing your thing darling.


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