The photos above are courtesy of Octavis Westwood Anderson

When I initially decided I wanted to interview Octavis Westwood Anderson, I wanted to do an interview on the lines of ‘A Day In the Life Of…..’ The type of interview that would give a run down of one of his ole so busy days, working as a freelance graphic designer and being an Atlanta socialite. That soon changed after the actual interview. The “Day in the Life of’ idea came to me because it seems like Westwood is always on the go, it seemed as if he was always on the scene. After the interview, I decided that the “Day In The Life Of…’ idea was good but not great, so I decided to tell his story. I decided to tell A Westwood Story.

Who he really is….

The self-pro-claimed genius idiot has a bald head, almost fully covered with tattoos, a beard, and a nose-ring, but will probably still get a job faster than most of us. Tenacity and self-awareness is a driving force, and Westwood has it. Today, in my opinion, West is the product of real growth. He admits his faults, and even admits to having everything taken from him multiple times, but he pushed forward. Being a firm believer in karma, Westwood knows that everything he is getting and will get is what he deserves. West is no longer living for others, nor is he looking for others approval, which I think is awesome. While seizing every opportunity, Octavis is a real artist, dealing with the pains of life whether present or past, and putting all that energy into his crafts. If you don’t read the below information, you still won’t know his story.

What he does….

Westwood is basically his own boss with the advantages of not having to get up every morning and clock in at someone else’s establishment. He makes the bulk of his coins as a graphic designer and illustrator for different artists and brands. When he is not designing graphics for artists of different avenues, he makes beats, manages music artists, and dabbles a bit in digital editing. It may not come as a surprise to you that Mr. Westwood was also a fashion stylist, and designed tattoos at Studio 219. On the social side of things, Octavis is also a brand ambassador for Bonefire ATL, the outdoor party that takes place no matter the weather. While Westwood was going down the list of the many hats he wears, I mentioned the fact that I considered him a socialite as well. He totally agreed and laughed it off saying that at first he didn’t want to admit it, but he later came to terms with it.

When he went from Octavis to Westwood P….

We discussed some life changing events, and some of the things and/or people that had a huge impact on the person he is today. The most interesting things to me, was his relationship with a group of women. This particular group of women helped him develop in the intuitive, yet crazy ass man he is today. West, admits that once he began to involve himself with this mysterious group of women that even his style of dress began to change. The women, who he never names, made him realize that he had to dress and even act a certain way to associate with them. His life also changed when his cousin, Polo, passed away in a car accident. The passing of Polo had such an impact on him that he began to call himself Westwood P, the P being a tribute to his late cousin.

Where it all started….

West has been doing his thing for a while, and by his thing, I mean being the cool, nicely dressed artist that he is. My first recollection of West was about 4 years ago when he was at MJQ, dressed in nothing but suits and suspenders. As we began to talk about his childhood, he told me about his days of drawing Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon images in class and at home, and how these drawings and other artwork helped him and his family out. Growing up in a strict Christian household, West was shielded from a lot, and left home as soon as he graduated from high school. After graduating from The Art Institutes, he then realized that he didn’t even need the degree, because his talents were/are beyond anywhere a piece of paper could take him.

Why he thrives in all his ventures….

Westwood chucked the love he gets from the city up to two things, his ability to showcase his individuality while engaging in the things that he is good at, and his decision not to be cliqued up but to associate himself with people of different social scenes. I say his success is also due to the way he carries himself, fashion and style wise, he totally agreed. He also touched bases on how he doesn’t belong to a clique or cliques, because it could hurt his business.

How he takes on being multi-talented….

From the outside looking in, Westwood is a very busy man, which is one of the reasons why I decided to have a sit down with him. During the fellowship with one another, we got on the subject of the various projects he currently has in the works. Around this time AC3 had just come to an end, and I asked him how he handles being here and there, along with doing his thing on the computer. Westwood went on to say that he is handling the demands of fields very well, but it can be a little tiring. During the AC3 weekend, Westwood confessed that he went out 5 nights in a row, sometimes to multiple spots in a day. I can only image how tiring that was. Lastly, he mentioned that one of this many hats will get dropped soon due to him diving head first into the fashion industry.

Now you may fully know his story!

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