All above photos were taken by Iri Brown for Gray Style Write

 It’s a new year and it couldn’t have started off any better. Sunday, as cold as it was, BrainBangg, my friend Beoncia Dunn, and I were in Atlanta at it again for a blog shoot. The temperature was 30 degrees with wind at 17 mph, super cold for a couple of girls from the South. When Bangg asked if I had any idea on where I wanted to shoot, I simply answered, “near Artlanta.”  Choosing to shoot in this area was a great idea, because that area is full of gems, beautiful areas that complimented every look, perfectly.
Yes, this is yet another teaser, including a few images of the outfit detail posts you can expect in the next couple of weeks. Just in case you can’t tell by the photos above, the theme for this shoot was outerwear. I decided to specifically focus on outerwear because ‘tis the season for over the top and fabulous coats and jackets. I’m always cold, so I’m a huge believer in keeping a jacket or coat in tow with me. Even though this type of weather makes me uncomfortable, it is actually one of my favorite times of the year because of the layering possibilities. Whether it’s sweaters on top of denim shirts with an overcoat, or sweatshirts under trench coats, I love it. The clothing pictured above is either thrift finds, purchased retail (department store or boutique), or exclusively designed by Samantha Garvey of S.Garvey Collections.
Can you guess which items were thrift finds, bought retail, or designed by S.Garvey, herself? Leave a comment below.
Stay tuned!


  1. The trench was thrifted.. The white jacket and skirt is S. Garvey and i want to say the raincoat was bought from a department store.


  2. The white jacket is S.Garvey, the trench and overcoat are from the thrift store.


  3. Trench thrift find…White jacket & mustard skirt the bestie S.Garvey, other overcoat retail purchase


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