The above photo was taken by Nikia.

I decided to do this post for 2 reasons, the first reason is that I recently went to the gallery for the first time for an exhibit, which was an all female exhibition, Artista. The second reason for me doing this post is to boast about the upcoming and current events the gallery is hosting.

Of course, the gallery doesn’t have a dress code, but I would suggest wearing something you’re comfortable in. When going to an event that will be swarmed with the indie community, in my opinion, it’s always good to just be yourself and wear something that truly depicts your style and taste. One should always take the time out to look their best whenever one leaves his or her house. It says a lot about you, when you have actually taken the time to dress yourself in an appropriate and self respected way. The possibilities are endless when you are dressed well.

Above, I am pictured in the Flare Ankara Mini Skirt by S.Garvey Collections. I felt this was the perfect skirt to wear to an art gallery because of the pattern and flare of the skirt, it’s really artsy and attention grabbing to me. “It’s very chic and eclectic”, as described by the designer. The top was grabbed from Rainbow. I go there for most of my little t-shirts and tops. Since it was an all female show, I decided to go very feminine, skirts and dresses always scream femininity to me.

Artlanta Gallery is very involved in the community and supports many of Atlanta’s indie artist, whether through art exhibits, performances, or parties. One event that I’m very excited about is its 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, taking place this Friday, December 18th at 9:00 PM. Aside from the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, every Wednesday Artlanta Gallery hosts an event called M.A.D. standing for movies, art, and drinks. Sounds cool, huh? Just something to do on a Wednesday surrounded by people with differences and people who recognize and celebrate those differences.

Hope to see some of you there.


  1. I will defiantly check this museum out.
    -Sierra S.


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