All above photos were taken by BrainBangg for Gray Style Write

First, let me start by saying that I’m never the one to show this much skin, but I opted to do something different when I asked Sam to make this 2-piece. This lace set was originally made for me as an outfit to wear while in Brazil in August of 2014. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to wear it while in Rio de Janeiro, and I say unfortunately because Brazil is the perfect place to wear something like this (in my opinion).  I did, however, get to wear it for the first time in Montgomery, AL during homecoming 2014. Looking back on it, I don’t think Montgomery was the right place to wear it at all. So, my man-friend asked me what would be the right place to wear an outfit such as that one. I instantly said Miami, at a rooftop day party. So, on to the details of this very sexy, revealing, yet, grown woman appropriate outfit.

As mentioned above, this is an S.Garvey custom made set. I decided to have this as one of my looks for the blog shot because, it’s bold and unexpected. The crop top is all lace with boning on the sides, and hook and eye closures in the back, which makes it easy for me to get in and out of it. The skirt has a hidden zipper on the side, which is very convenient.

I’m very thankful that it was warm out the day of the shot because of the lightness of the fabric. BrainBanggg decided to do the last look at East Lake Park, before even seeing this lace set, which was a brilliant idea. I say that because along with wearing this to a rooftop party in Miami, it would also be a good look for an outdoor music festival (in the spring, of course.)

This lace set along with my favorite boots are definitely Gray Style.

2 thoughts on “LACED + THE CITY

  1. Subscribed! This was such a airy x rugged look. Totally unexpected.


  2. Thank you for subscribing my dear 😘😘


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