I am sure you all have figured this out by just looking at the pictures, but this dress is a S. Garvey original. This dress is the perfect combination for me, because it is purple with sparkles. I have finally figured out why I love the ‘Purple Reign’ dress and it all boils down to how it made me feel when I put it on and BrainBangg began snapping pictures. My best, Sam, knows how to pick a fabric. I have never been a lace or dress type of girl, so this one was definitely different for me. This dress, for me, made me feel a type of sexy had not yet felt. I’m not sure if it was the cutout in the back, or the way it hugged my small curves, but this dress surely took me to another place.

Now, for the shoes I’m wearing. These amazing shoes are from my favorite shoe brand, Jeffrey Campbell. While I may have a ton of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, my Pauline’s are my absolute favorite pair. I purchased these shoes in 2012 for my birthday (unfortunately I can not remember where I purchased them). After wearing them on my birthday, I didn’t wear them again until I went to Miami in June of 2012. Now if you have been to Miami, then you know its nothing but strips in South Beach. So its safe to say my Pauline’s are very comfortable, even while walking down large city strips. These stilts, as I like to call them, are 7 inches high, and pair very well with just about any ensemble you feel like wearing. Please understand when I say, this will not be your last time seeing my Pauline’s.

Looking back at the photos of me in the dress and the Afro wig, I sort of saw myself as one of those black women from the 70’s who knew exactly who she was, and what she wanted out of life, her career, and love. As I think to myself, this whole look made me look at myself differently. I felt like I had finally become the woman who knew what she wanted out of this life, and the beautiful things and people who make it worth living. Not to mention, a woman who knows how to involve herself in it. During this shoot in this dress I was no longer afraid…..


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