I am officially deeming today as S.Garvey Saturday!

First of all, this light faux leather crop top with African lace is one of my all time favorite pieces Samantha has made for me. I have actually had this top for about 2 or 3 years now, and I swear I wear it more than any other article of clothing in my closet. I recently found out that the gold material on the shirt is African lace, and I think I fell in love with it even more. This was my first time wearing it with the tights, I usually pair it with tight fitting jeans or a super tight high-waist skirt.

Let’s talk about these tights, also designed by S.Garvey! These tights were an exclusive for me. Last year (or maybe the year before last), I called Sam and told her I wanted an ensemble to go with a pair of shoes I had already decided to get for a New Year party. When I explained the shoes to her she came up with the all white idea. Actually, there is a jacket that goes with the tights (you will see it soon), that’s faux leather and penguin style. These tights were made perfectly because they fit me just right.

Of course, no accessories were worn with this ensemble, because it is amazing just is. The shoe of choice is Jeffrey Campbell of course. The O-Quinn, Glow Combo was ordered from Solestruck.com, one of my favorite online retailers for shoes.

I usually don’t wear tights, but these are an exception, and are definitely Gray Style.


  1. I am really enjoying this blog!!


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